We teach and provide tools that empower living the life of your dreams and actively contributing to make the world a better place. We strive for transformation at every level.

We teach that we co-create our life and that we are free to choose. Making conscious choices, in alignment with the Truest Self, is the greatest gift we receive in and give to Life.

We teach that we can understand and use Universal Laws and Principles, primarily the Law of Cause and Effect. We understand our experience is the consequences of the thoughts and beliefs that we live by. These consequences are not reward or punishments, but a natural result of what we choose to think and do. When we realign our minds and act intentionally, life changes for the better.

We honor all paths to God and recognize that they ultimately lead to the same destination: discovering the Divine, especially within ourselves. All faiths and religious traditions share deep values, and each adds something to the evolution of human spirituality.

We acknowledge all the great spiritual teachers and draw from sacred texts, scientific discoveries and philosophical exploration. Foundationally, though not exclusively, our primary source is the Science of Mind, written by Dr. Ernest Holmes.

The Science of Mind is a correlation of the revelations of religion, the opinions of philosophy, and the laws of science as applied to human needs and the aspiration of humankind.

Dr. Ernest Holmes


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