The Creative Power is in action everywhere in me and around me.
I let that Power guide me knowing it leads only to good in my life.
I am patient as I watch my life unfold.
I lay a solid foundation one brick at a time,
as I stand for a peaceful and happy future.
I gratefully trust in the goodness that is abundant and available
for each and every one of us.
As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, Take the first step in faith.
You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”
And so it is.    Judy Kay, RSP, Kansas City, Mo.

Sometimes the circumstances in my life can seem overwhelming or unending.    Sudden changes can throw a wrench into my best laid plans.  Some events I can not control:  a loved one’s physical or mental health, the competence of the decision makers at work.  These can change the circumstances of my life in a heartbeat.

Chronic issues – physical pain, loneliness, poverty, a feeling of being trapped – these can breed a bone deep weariness that saps confidence as well as energy.

It is in times like these that I wish for sudden and dramatic change; for it to all to just go away.  Only I know – from experience – that drama breeds more chaos, more pain, more confusion.  And so I breathe.

I breathe deep and slow and true.  Connecting to that Center and Source within me that is within all.  Step by step, thought by thought, I work on the Foundation of my life.  I move my attention away from painful chronic circumstances and events I can not control. I starve their growth and power in my life by turning my attention to the building blocks – the bricks – that I am consciously laying:

  • There is a Power for Good in the Universe whose presence in my life cannot be denied, only ignored.  I lay the brick of awareness to this Power and Presence.
  • This Power creates all life from itself.  I am created from it.  There is no way to be outside of God.  I lay the brick of acceptance – that I am in God and of God.
  • The energy of this Creative Power is Love and no other.  I am living in a Universe created by Love and sustained by Love.   I lay the brick of welcome to Love.
  • This Creative Power works through Law.  It is ultimately dependable.  It always works and it works for everyone.  I lay the brick of trust.

Standing on this foundation, I am raised above the circumstances and events of my life.  As I stand still and breathe, I sense the Creative Power for Good showing me the next step;  the next building block of my joyous and balanced life.   I can see the next step that will move me toward the Truth of my life —  and so I move forward in awareness, in acceptance, in welcome and in trust.
And so it is!     Rev. Patricia VanWoerkom



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