I am always connected to my generous Creator.
My intention is to allow that Presence to permeate my every thought and every action.
I get quiet and ask to be shown the way.
I am emotionally lighter as I allow Divine Guidance to lead me.
I am calmer and able to relax. I am more positive and attract the prosperity I want.
I am grateful that as I am more spiritually aligned, my life flows with greater ease.
And so it is.
Judy Kay, RScP, Kansas City, Mo

Years ago I was seeing a marriage counselor and dealing with the not unusual dynamic of trying to get closer to my partner.  The more I tried to get closer, the more my partner backed away.  The therapist said something wise:  “Some days, we all wake up with our umbilical cords in our hand, looking for a place to plug in.” With sudden clarity I saw that I was trying to plug into my partner in order to feed the hunger inside me.  The advice was to turn and plug the cord into myself.

The advice has not changed.  What has changed is my sense of who I am. Then, I was just me; some good qualities and strengths, and some character and temperament defects.  I was a struggling work in progress and feared I would never be enough.  I knew I was alone, separate and needed to stand on my own two feet. Now, some 25 years later, I know that I can never be alone or separate.  Just like the fingers on my hand appear independent, they are in fact firmly connected to a hand that is firmly connected to an entire body.  In the same way, I am connected and a part (not apart) of the One, the Presence that creates and sustains all.

Now, when I turn my attention – my umbilical cord – inward, I am able to connect to that web which connects all. Resting in that web, that ground of being, the Presence moves through me and into the world.   There is no inner struggle to force an alignment with an arbitrary or formulaic authority.  I relax into an organic wholeness that effortlessly sustains and guides me.  I see more clearly.  I see the beauty and the joy that connects us all.  I respond to that essential order and harmony and am lifted up.

The miracle for me, still, is that turning to the One inside can create such harmony on the outside;  and, conversely, such disharmony when I insist that anything “out there” is not part of the One and not working for me.  The ongoing challenge is to recognize the connection.  The solution, then as now, is first to notice when I find my umbilical cord in my hand.  Then, remember to plug into my internal connection and not try to fix a person or a situation.  Then I’m connected, the path is clear, and my life flows with ease.

And so it is. Rev. Patricia VanWoerkom


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