Friends are those who attend SCSL on a somewhat regular basis or who are taking classes out of their desire to deepen their personal spiritual growth. Friends are ready to lend their support to SCSL so that it may continue as a community of open minded and open hearted seekers of Truth.

Friends may or may not be considering membership but would like to indicate their support of the SCSL community. For planning purposes, it is helpful for the Center leadership to have an idea of who is currently in support of the Center and might be available to assist with projects.

As a community, SCSL is focused on seeing the spiritual perfection and wholeness of all creation and supporting each other to a greater understanding and demonstration of that Truth. Friends of SCSL are honored companions on the great spiritual journey of life.

Role of Friends: Friends of SCSL are welcome to participate in any or all of the following ways:

  • By deepening their understanding of the Science of Mind and Heart.
  • By participating in the life of the Center.
  • By attending classes and workshops.
  • By participating in business meetings (nonvoting roles) and by serving on committees and teams.
  • By contributing their time, talent, and treasure as led by Spirit.

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