Spiritual Economics

Did you know that there are basic metaphysical principles which govern our financial well-being?  These principles are not for just some people.  They are available to everyone.  In this class, we will explore how to use these principles in everyday life.  This is a sensible, solution-oriented class that will benefit experienced and new students alike.  Come and discover how rich your life really is.

Class meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:45 pm and the cost is a love offering.  Text:  Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth

CSL recommends a tuition of $220 but we welcome whatever amount you choose to share with us.  This teaching is a gift of love from us to our community in support of a world that works for everyone.

Beyond Limits:   Living a Thriving Life

Sometimes the only thing limiting us is our belief in limitations. What beliefs are blocking you from doing the things you love most in life? In Beyond Limits you will learn how to get past limiting thoughts to live the life you really want. Through experiential classwork, putting your prayers into action, and sharing with a small group of fellow students, you will support your highest Good to live a more thriving life. This course is prerequisite for CSL membership as well as many classes.

In Beyond Limits students discover:
*  Powerful practical tools for everyday miracles: creative thinking, Practical Prayer,
meditation, empowered intentions, and much more.
*   A “you” far greater than you may realize
*  Access to infinite possibilities… and the power of “Yes”
*  Authentic expression of your purpose and gifts
*  Your essential spirituality freed of superstition, guilt and fear.

Invite your friends!  This 10 week class begins on Wednesday, October 11 at 6:30pm. To register, go to SCSL’s Meet-Up site.

Texts: (Available through CSL bookstore or Amazon)
How to Change Your Life by Ernest Holmes
Creative Ideas: A Spiritual Compass for Personal Expression by Ernest Holmes

This class is offered on a love offering basis.

Beyond Limits is the gateway class for all other religious science classes.  Take it now so you can take classes such as Practical Mysticism and Self-Mastery which will be taught in the coming months.

We offer classes, book discussions and half day workshops throughout the year – all focused on deepening our spiritual understanding of our selves and the world.  While our classes build on a foundation of Religious Science and the teachings of Ernest Holmes, they also include the writings of other past and present New Thought teachers and thought leaders.  Please check our Calendar for more information.

Other recent classes have included:

  • Building a Healing Consciousness
  • Self-Mastery: Emergence of the True Self
  • Treatment & Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living
  • Exploring the Roots of Science of Mind
  • Financial Freedom
  • Basic Principles of the Science of Mind  (Fredrick Bailes)
  • Beyond Belief  (a foundation class by the Centers for Spiritual Living)
  • The Spiritual Path (based on the writings of Ernest Holmes)







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